General Facilities

Gross building sarea
25,386 sqm.

30 floors.

Ceiling heights
3.6 m (slab to slab).

Floor loading capacity
Live floor loads up to 200 kg/sqm.

    Passenger Elevator

  • 4 units for 13th – 28th floor.
  • 3 units for 1st – 13th floor.

    Service elevator

  • 1 unit with the 1150 kg.
  • Telephone line for up to 506 lines.
  • Fiber optic high-speed data transmission.
  • Broadband internet.
  • Microcell support for mobile telephone cellular communication.

Spacious parking area
Reserved and public areas for tenants and guests, more than 900 lots.

Executive and non-executive.

Available on all floors.

24-hour standby of fully trained fire and rescue personnel. Closed Circuit Security Cameras, fire hydrants, sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire detectors, smoke detectors.

Earthquake proof
7 Richter scale.

Modernization of passanger elevators completed on September 2007

New design of building interior completed on June 2008

Data Telecommunication
This building is Multimedia ready (video conference, Broadband, WiFi,etc)

Repair & Maintenance
All public areas, facilities and equipment are constantly well maintained by a qualified repair and maintenance team.

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